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Stomach Cancer Screening


What is Stomach Cancer?

Stomach Cancer is also commonly known as Gastric Cancer and occurs when malignant cells form in the lining of the stomach. Stomach Cancer is the 5th most common cancer, with about a million new cases being diagnosed a year worldwide.

Often, patients with Stomach Cancer are diagnosed at late stages as early detection of stomach cancer is hampered by the lack of presenting symptoms until the cancer is in the advanced stage.


What is GASTROClear™?

GASTROClear™ is a MicroRNA based blood test used in the detection of Stomach Cancer before symptoms surface. MicroRNAs are actively secreted into the blood by tumour cells. They are disease specific and provide a real-time and direct indication of the existence, development and progression of a disease.
As such, GASTROClear™ determines the risk of having stomach cancer at the point of testing and assists the doctors in recommending a patient for gastroscopy, which involves inserting a thin tube with a camera into a patient’s stomach.


Who can benefit from GASTROClear™?

  • More than 55 years and above
  • With strong family history of colorectal cancer
  • With presence or history of Helicobactor Pylori bacteria infection
  • With existing stomach polyps
  • With long term stomach inflammation
  • Who are smokers

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