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Non-Surgical Facelift


Non-Surgical Facelift - Dermalift

How does Dermalift work?

Botulinum Toxin is injected very superficially into the dermis layer of the skin where it causes contraction and tightening of the skin without affecting the muscles of facial expression. In the lower face the jawline will look more defined and the jowls improved whilst in the upper face the eyes will look more lifted and less tired.

The dermalift procedure can be combined with dermal fillers to produce a well-defined and V-shape jawline that extends harmoniously all the way to the chin.

How long will the results last?

Results can last up to 3-4 months. Our patients are recommended to come 3 times per year for continued lifting results.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is a safe procedure with no long-term side effects. There is no downtime and normal activities can be resumed straight after.