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22 Oct 2021

Dr. Juliana featured at For Life Mag “Beautfy From The Inside Out According to 4 women”


Dr Juliana Latif, 39, Singapore
Medical Director at Fusion Medical Health Screening & Aesthetic Centre

Share with us your skincare routine.

“Living in Singapore where most of us sleep with air-conditioning throughout the night, my morning skincare focuses on not stripping my skin of its natural moisture.

I use a gentle and hydrating milk cleanser, pat my face dry then apply a vitamin C serum which is a brightening antioxidant. I then apply a gel-based moisturizer which is not cakey, does not clog the pores and therefore more suitable for our humid weather. Plus I use an SPF 50 PA++++.

In the evening I double cleanse to remove residual makeup and products that have been sitting on my skin all day; first with a foam cleanser, and then with a milk cleanser. I find the best time to moisturize is straight out of the shower and I prefer creams over serums as I find they are better at holding in moisture. Once or twice a week I also use a hydrating mask to control fine lines; I’m focusing on anti-ageing in my skincare as I’m approaching my 40s, and fine lines will show up more on dry skin.”

Share with us your overall approach to wellness and looking good from the inside out.

“I strongly believe your skin reflects your inner health. Instead of a daily multivitamin, I try to get my vitamins and minerals from the food I eat, so I load up on colourful fruits and vegetables. It can be easy to forget to hydrate when I’m busy in the day, so when I remember I force myself to drink a glass of water. I also try to sleep a minimum of six to seven hours a night..

Stress is a pro-inflammatory process that breaks down collagen in the skin, which if sustained over long periods can accelerate ageing. To manage stress, I walk around my neighbourhood with my husband and son nearly every day, without our devices, to really spend time together while also getting exercise which improves my mood.

Last year in 2020, I was actually diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent months of treatment that included surgery, chemo- and radiotherapy. I was fortunate to have access to treatments that improved my skin, when it was not looking great as I was unwell.

Since then, I’ve been advocating for more people to get regular health screenings, and not delay checkups; after all, it was a routine screening that saved my life.”

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