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General Health Screening


General Health Screening

One should never overlook the importance of health screening, especially with growing longevity. Our lifestyles and stress of our fast-paced lives are also likely to contribute to the growing incidence of heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and cancers.

Health Screening allows silent killers to be detected and empowers you with the knowledge to diagnose, manage and may even reverse these conditions.

You can choose from one of our standard packages or get your health screening package customised to fit your budget, lifestyle and medical concerns. Corporate Health Screening packages can also be customised for companies for their valuable employees.

Fusion Silver provides essential screenings for modern busy executives to kickstart their health screening routine and find out more about their current health status.

Fusion Deluxe further adds on to the essential blood screenings available in Fusion Silver with the additional checks of vitamin deficiencies.

Fusion Gold is an enhanced Silver Screen with the addition of different choices of sonographic and treadmill electrocardiogram for the more in-depth screening of one’s health status.

Fusion Platinum Suitable for executives who would like a more thorough review of their health, Fusion Platinum is a comprehensive health screening program with more choices of diagnostic scans and the essential blood and urine investigations.

Fusion Diamond The pinnacle of our health screening packages, it combines all the laboratory and diagnostics investigations to give one a complete overview of their health status. (Refer to revised Health Screening packages)
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