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Transform your life in under 10 minutes
What is Fotona Smooth Laser?
A painless, fast and affordable way to treat common female issues of urine leakage, vaginal looseness and dryness that occur after childbirth, with hormonal imbalances and ageing.

Fusion Medical & Aesthetic Centre is the FIRST aesthetic clinic in Singapore to use the G-RUNNER set which fully automates the treatment to provide even FASTER, more COMFORTABLE and PRECISE delivery of energy ,therefore, providing superior results.

What can be treated with Fotona Smooth™ laser?

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

40% of women suffer from urinary incontinence and don’t often talk about it
SUI is a common and embarrassing female problem that causes involuntary leaking of urine during
coughing, sneezing or laughing. It is caused by weakening of the pelvic floor muscles mainly
contributed to by childbirth, aging and obesity


Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS)

95% of patients report improvement in sexual gratification after treatment with Fotona Smooth™ mode
VRS is defined by laxity of the vaginal wall which can result in sexual dissatisfaction between
partners. The most common cause for VRS is the overstretching of the vaginal wall during
childbirth and natural aging.

Vagina Atrophy (VA)

60-80% of women over 50 will experience atrophy in their lifetime
VA refers to thinning of the vaginal wall that occurs by hormonal imbalances after menopause. It
is associated with vaginal dryness which can lead to pain and discomfort and also increase the
incidences of urinary tract infection and vaginal thrush.

How does the Fotona Smooth™ work?

This non-ablative laser has a photothermal heating effect on collagen in both the vaginal and urethral wall. It stimulates new collagen and new vessel formation resulting in improved pelvic floor muscle support and tightening of the vaginal canal

How long does the procedure take and is it painful?
The procedure itself takes less than 15 minutes and is a simple, pain-free, non-surgical treatment. Daily routine can be continued straight after but sexual intercourse is not recommended for 3 days after.

How many sessions do I need and when will I feel the results?
Results are often the most dramatic a few weeks after the first treatment. A second and a third session can be done at least 1 month apart and varies from individual to individual.