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What causes Acne?

Whiteheads, Blackheads, pimples, cysts and nodules are all types of acne. Follicles are what connects the sebaceous or oil glands in the skin to the surface through the pores. Acne happens when the follicles get blocked and a collection of oil, skin cells and other debris clump together into a plug. This plug gets infected with P. Acnes bacteria causing swelling along with the production of pus.

Acne : Blue LED Light Therapy

How does Blue LED light treat acne?
Blue LED light effectively treats acne by killing the p. acnes bacteria and reducing inflammation associated with acne prone skin. At the same time, it also stimulates collagen to improve wound healing. Regular treatment results not only in a reduction in acne but also a glowing appearance and improved texture of the skin. LHE is excellent when used in combination with keratolytic agents which gently remove the top layer of dead skin and debris.

How many sessions will I need?
8 sessions are recommended bi-weekly to start seeing results. Depending on your skin condition our doctors may also recommend oral or topical agents to further enhance your results. Each session will take about 30 minutes total with face cleansing and post-procedure care.

Is it painful?
No there is no pain or downtime with this gentle treatment.

Acne: Carbon Peel Laser

How does Carbon Laser Peel treat acne?
A Carbon Laser Peel involves the application of a thin layer of carbon lotion onto the skin followed by laser light from a Q-switched Nd-YAG laser. This causes tiny multi-explosions of the carbon particles which exfoliates the skin and clears out debris from the pores. The Laser energy then works to improve acne by shrinking the pores, reducing inflammatory acne and at the same time stimulates collagen regrowth. The immediate effect of the treatment is a brighter looking complexion and tightened skin.

How many sessions will I need?
About 5-10 sessions are recommended 2-4 weeks apart depending on your skin condition. Each session will take about 30 minutes total with face cleansing and post-procedure care.

Is it painful?
No there is no pain, other than the multi-explosion sound from the carbon (which we can provide ear plugs for) the procedure is very well tolerated.

Is there any downtime?
Some patients may experience mild redness of the skin form the thermal energy which will subside within a few hours.

Acne: Peels

How does Enerpeel® PA treat acne?
Enerpeel® PA is a pyruvic acid peel excellent for addressing oily and acne prone skin. It is a medium depth chemical peel which has been clinically shown to reduce oiliness of the skin and improve pustular papular acne with minimal side effects of redness and peeling.
How many sessions will I need?
We recommend 4-6 sessions about 1 month apart. Each session will take about 30 minutes total with cleansing and post procedure care.
Is it painful?
You may feel a slight tingling sensation but there is not pain.
Is there is any downtime?
No, other than some minor peeling of the skin which can happen there is no significant downtime.

Acne: Fotona

How does Fotona Nd:YAG treat active acne?
The Fotona Laser reduces active inflammation of acne by destroying the root oil gland at its optimal depth and significantly decreases the chances of new acne formation. In addition to this, the Fotona laser also accelerates the healing process and stimulates new collagen remodelling which is an important step in the long-term treatment of acne.
How long does the procedure take and is it painful?
The procedure itself takes only about 15-20 minutes, and patients may expect a tingling sensation on the skin. There is no downtime and normal activities can be resumed post treatment. Minimal sun exposure is advised.
How many sessions do I need?
The number of sessions required depends on the individual’s skin but generally at least 4-6 sessions about 1 month apart is recommended for active acne after which maintenance treatment can be done as required.